Why should I use an hotel broker to sell my hotel or to purchase an hotel ?

A professional hotel property consultant (broker) will give you his professional advice on the market value of the property.

How much will it cost me to use FW brokerage service ?

FWL fees / commissions charges to sell your property is 1% to 5% commission is to be paid to FWL, the fewer the keys the higher the commission, the more numbers of keys the lower the commission. A monthly retainer may be applicable.
If you are a looking for an hotel to buy our finder’s fee applies and varies from 1 to 3% depending on the number of keys.

What keeps me from circumventing FW ?

We will request you to sign our confidentiality agreement to get access to the detailed hotel memorandum.

How fast can I buy or sell an hotel?

By experience the average transaction time takes minimum of 90 days.

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